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Memories of Summer

Now that Fall has arrived and the days are getting cooler, let’s take a moment to remember something from the Summer that we can take with us through the long winter. This is mine: Fresh berry gelato along the German … Continue reading

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Watching their master, so well-behaved. I was very excited in Hungary because I saw this beautiful pair of Viszlas. You see, I owned a female Viszla and she was a great dog. When she was my companion, I never dreamed … Continue reading

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Taking It To The Streets

Home away from home. In the Southwest desert, we stay in during the summer and come out to play when the rest of the country’s thoughts turn to shoveling snow. Now that Fall has officially started, at least on the … Continue reading

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Why do I love the ocean so, yet live in a desert?

A couple of blogs ago I wrote how I love the wide open spaces that is the American Southwest. The American Southwest conjures up images of cowboys and Indians, horses and cattle, along with vast landscapes dotted with mesas and … Continue reading

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Make It Happen!

Three words, four syllables, twelve letters, Vanna would only need to sell you three vowels. There are no accents or umlauts. Three simple words. Yet they can mean so much. Make It Happen! Make what happen? Well, lose weight, exercise, … Continue reading

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Give Me Wide Open Spaces

I was doing a bit of dirt road driving this past weekend Out my window. and took a few shots of the wide open space I have come to love. Don’t get me wrong, I like to visit old, interesting … Continue reading

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When I took my first trip to Europe, I was a bit timid and overwhelmed. I was glad to be with my brother and a tour group. But it only took me a few days to become comfortable with my … Continue reading

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