Passing Through Bratislava, Slovakia

Alas, this trip I was with a tour group so had no say over where I went or how long I stayed. This spectacular bridge was my first sight after leaving the bus:

Novy Most or New Bridge over Danube

That is a “boatel” in the foreground. It’s a hotel on a boat. Looks like a fun place to stay and within sight of the castle:

Bratislava Castle

From there we walked to a nice park that had restaurants, shops and hotels along it’s cobblestone paths.

This beautiful building was the main focus of the square:

Through the middle is a long row of pools that people were able to take a break from the heat by cooling their feet. Next to the pools was a very large chess set.

Nearby was also a statue of Hans Christian Andersen which surprised me because I never associated him with Slovakia, but apparently they liked him there.

Hans Christian Andersen

I wish I had more time to spend in this delightful country. One day I would like to go back. It wasn’t just the beautiful countryside and buildings, it was all the history from kings to communism. Nothing makes history come to life like visiting the locations.

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One Response to Passing Through Bratislava, Slovakia

  1. Misty says:

    Oh and yes, my feet were definitely in that pool – took most of these pictures from my comfy stoop!

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