That’s What She Said

Wow, that is huge! Yes, that is what I said when I first saw the American Airlines One World Boeing 777-200 in which I would be taking my first trans-Atlantic flight.

I think that engine is larger than my Nissan pick up truck!
Look how little those windows appear!

I was a bit nervous about this flight  – ten and a half hours from LAX to Heathrow. And because I am on a budget, this was in economy. Luckily I was on the aisle and the people around me were very nice. I kept myself occupied with the in flight movies, including old episodes of The Office – one of my favorite shows, right up there with Seinfeld.

I also found the in flight map that showed our progress, speed, altitude and outside temperature. Because it was a night flight I could not see anything below, but I know I went over some very interesting places. They should give you a dvd with the recorded flight as you leave. That would be so awesome – American Airlines? Are you listening?

Looking forward to many more flights to visit the rest of my kingdom!

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