Who Am I and Why Is This My Kingdom

My name is Misty and I although I am from the west coast of beautiful California, I consider the world to be my own personal kingdom for me to travel through as I please. There is just too much Out There to be content to sit at home without even trying to see it all. I have traveled to several cities and countries on two continents and look forward to visiting the other five – yes, I plan to some day go to Antarctica, why leave one out just because it is difficult.

This blog will chronicle not just my tourist-of-the-world sights, but also the people I’ve met along the way. This blog will also not be in an particular time frame order. As I’ve said before, I travel as I please, so I also write as I please. Life would be way too boring if it were confined to the linear. Think of me as a time traveler with ADD on crack with a bit of royalty thrown in for balance and decorum.

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