Montezuma’s Castle and Well in Arizona

I was here recently with a friend of mine. This is a very well preserved ruin left by the Sinagua Indians (the name means without water).

Cliff dwelling ruins at Montezuma’s Castle in Arizona
More cliff dweller ruins at Montezuma’s Well in Arizona (within 10 miles of Montezuma’s Castle)
The natural well itself that lies under the above cliff dwelling.

These are just a few of the spectacular ruins in the American Southwest. Originally discoverers thought they were left behind by the Aztec, which explains the names given to these two sites.
Montezuma’s Well is quite primitive, but Montezuma’s Castle has a visitor’s center and gift shop for a myriad of southwestern books and souvenirs. It is also next to Cliff Castle Casino, so don’t be surprised to see buses of tourists stopping here. This is also because it is a good stop between Phoenix and Flagstaff. Worth a visit, but be advised that it is very hot in the Summer months.
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