You Don’t Have To Leave Town

I had to travel half way around the globe to come to the realization that you don’t need to leave your own city to have a marvelous trip. When you are in a strange city, whether it is in another country or across your own, you look at it with different eyes.

I found myself taking pictures of buildings and bridges and statues and landscapes that if I lived there, I probably never would. Why take a picture of a Frank Gehry building, if it is two blocks from where you work?

The Dancing House in Prague, also known as Fred and Ginger or the less polite Drunken Building

And how often do you go to the zoo or a museum in your own town?

Ad for Phoenix Art Museum

If it’s not as often as you would like, then I challenge you to get out and be a tourist where you live. The advantages are great – you speak the language (presumably), you probably know your way around, you won’t necessarily need a hotel or restaurant (although I’m always easily talked into indulging in both of those), and you won’t have to go through security at the airport.

Take pictures and buy souvenirs so you can always remember that there really is no place like home. Besides, think of all the people getting on jets and flying in just to see what you take for granted.

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