Give Me Wide Open Spaces

I was doing a bit of dirt road driving this past weekend

Out my window.

and took a few shots of the wide open space I have come to love. Don’t get me wrong, I like to visit old, interesting and yes, crowded cities, but I don’t want to live anywhere but here.

Looking over the prickly pear at the road I drove in on.

I felt the need to follow this road to the top and take a closer look. What my photo cannot capture is the narrowness and the steepness of the road.

That guard rail looked a lot shakier when I was next to it and the road a lot steeper while going down it.

At the top of Humboldt Peak next to the Radome is a Forest Service lookout tower. Yes, these wide open spaces are in the Tonto National Forest, the fifth largest NF in the country.  No one was there except for this large, black bird, a Raven I think.

National Forest Look Out
Watching for fires.

Part of the fantastic view, which made the scary drive worth the risk. Below is Horseshoe Lake, made by a dam on the Verde River in Arizona.

Looks so small from up here.

Yes, big cities have museums, theaters, and great restaurants, but nothing can compete with fresh air, blue skies, and the sounds of the wind.

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