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Scary stuff I saw in Europe this past summer

I know it is now Halloween, but the following scary sights were from the bright days of summer. Imagine how horrible they would have been on a dark and stormy night! It was a dark and stormy afternoon in Prague … Continue reading

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A Haunting Treat

Reminiscent of Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Raven,” I caught this wondrous photo of a large black bird (raven?) as it flew from a rather spooky looking tree. Perhaps he is on his way to visit the ill-fated and grief-stricken narrator … Continue reading

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On my way home

Now that I have a job and a routine drive, I’ve started looking around a bit at the sights along the way. Because I live and work in the fifth largest city in the United States, I was surprised to … Continue reading

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Where have I been?

I haven’t been at my computer blogging, that’s for sure. I have now what is known as a “job.” Before I was “funemployed” but thanks to the Summer of Recovery and the upswing in the economy, I now have a … Continue reading

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Astronomical Clock in Prague, Czech Republic – Awesome!

I was privileged this past summer to go to Prague and see this amazing clock first hand: Prague’s Astronomical Clock Notice the astronomical symbols. More information than I can remember can be found at Wikipedia, so I won’t be too … Continue reading

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Being a tourist on a casual Saturday in my home town

Last month I wrote that you don’t have to leave your own city in order to be on vacation, that it was more a state of mind than a location thing. Look at your surroundings every day as if seeing … Continue reading

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Does this ever happen to you?

So, I’m off with my dear husband and we’re sitting at a Paradise Bakery, drinking our coffee, surfing our computers. Time passes. A lot of time. You realize that now it is past noon and the just rolled out of … Continue reading

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