Does this ever happen to you?

So, I’m off with my dear husband and we’re sitting at a Paradise Bakery, drinking our coffee, surfing our computers. Time passes. A lot of time. You realize that now it is past noon and the just rolled out of bed look you came in with is no longer working for you. You find this out as you go to the bathroom and look in the mirror at your hair which is shall we say less than well groomed. Then you spill water on your foot and look down to realize that your legs are in need of shaving. You already knew you actually had just rolled out of bed to head down for coffee with friends, but these new revelations have now made you uncomfortable. People must have noticed by now. People are talking. Paranoia strikes deep.

Worst yet is that the blog you were going to post just isn’t happening yet; pictures need to be tweaked a bit first.

But I promise – there will be a new blog before day’s end. Oh yes. There will.

I hope I didn’t quite look this bad!
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