Being a tourist on a casual Saturday in my home town

Last month I wrote that you don’t have to leave your own city in order to be on vacation, that it was more a state of mind than a location thing. Look at your surroundings every day as if seeing them for the first time and let your mind take flight even when you can’t.

In that spirit my weekend wanderings took me to Desert Ridge Mall in North Phoenix, a place I have been to countless times before, but this time I decided to take my own advice. This is what I saw:

artwork in structures

The moon through the patio lights.
Another brick in the wall.
I love geometry.
I wonder how many people don’t look up when they walk here?

nice plant life

Date palm under-lit by evening lights.

awesome shoes

Amazing how easy it was to go up and ask this young woman if I could photograph her shoes.

surprised by a band

Love a good sax!
They were quite good even though the acoustics were not.
Sorry, I don’t know who they are – if you do, post a comment.

and a little girl living large and free as only a the very young can

All in all the weather was balmy, the sights and sounds great, and the time memorable because I looked at things with different eyes rather than just running around shopping or going to dinner.

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One Response to Being a tourist on a casual Saturday in my home town

  1. Monique says:

    I love those shoes!

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