Astronomical Clock in Prague, Czech Republic – Awesome!

I was privileged this past summer to go to Prague and see this amazing clock first hand:

Prague’s Astronomical Clock
Notice the astronomical symbols.

More information than I can remember can be found at Wikipedia, so I won’t be too redundant here except to say that the clock tower includes astrological signs, statues representing among other things vanity, death, a philosopher, an angel, an astronomer and a chronicler, as well as the Apostles that march by every hour. It may even tell time!

In celebration of it’s 600th year,  a video mapping has been produced that shows computerized projections right onto the clock tower depicting it’s history. Here’s a link to the video The 600 Years. It’s ten minutes long, but worth watching.

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One Response to Astronomical Clock in Prague, Czech Republic – Awesome!

  1. Freya says:

    Great pictures and this clock is indeed very impressive. I went to Prague a couple years ago and I loved the city. Great city to visit in the summer time.

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