Where have I been?

I haven’t been at my computer blogging, that’s for sure. I have now what is known as a “job.” Before I was “funemployed” but thanks to the Summer of Recovery and the upswing in the economy, I now have a fascinating, high paying, meaningful, green job. No wait. That isn’t right. It’s because the economy still sucks that although I am working, it is in a temp position. The company I’m working at is trying to sell off this very division, so they can’t hire an actual employee.

But at least it’s a fascinating, high paying, meaningful, green job – right? Um, no. It’s about as mind-numbingly irrelevant to my life as it could possible get. I sit in a cubicle farm all day making phone calls to other people in their cubicle farms that owe my cubicle farm money. Blegh! (Guess I can’t reveal my blog to my co-workers now.) So, here I am, barely keeping my head above water:

Turtle, but he looks happy right?

However, if I am anything at all, I am a blissful optimist. I look at the opportunities that are out there, set goals and look for the blue skies all around me:

Groovin’ on a sunny afternoon!

Life is too short to give up so much of my life doing something without meaning; now is the time to seek what I want to do. The possibilities really are endless and now I am really motivated to find something else by which to earn a living. I’m excited to think where all this will lead. Freebird playing the background and I’m off!

Readers:  I welcome any and all suggestions you want to make in the comments. Keep ’em clean though, I’m not That Kind of Girl!

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