Scary stuff I saw in Europe this past summer

I know it is now Halloween, but the following scary sights were from the bright days of summer. Imagine how horrible they would have been on a dark and stormy night!
It was a dark and stormy afternoon in Prague
Scary building in Prague..ok, it’s a church, but it has a sort of Exorcist look about it eh?
Not the WC although I’m sure it was scary. No, look behind and see the sign for the Museum of Torture!
My brother being stalked by a mastodon in the Museum of Natural History in Prague – put this one in here to see if any of my family actually read my blog……
Oh no!!!!! McDonalds are everywhere! This one in Prague across from the aforementioned museum of natural history.
Assimilation is complete. We are now all part of Apple. This one in Munich.
And a Game Stop in Munich! You can’t escape them! Put this in here for a certain young man who remain anonymous, just to see if he ever reads this.

Yes, for certain there are lots of scary sights in Europe. It is the continent that brought us Vlad the Impaler (Count Dracula) after all. Boo! Have a fun and safe Halloween!

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