Hudba, Zene, Musik

In any language, music is sweet to the ear. On my travels this past summer to Europe I saw many musical sights and heard many musical pieces. Here is a montage of my findings.

Two young flautists playing classical music in Vienna.

A harpist!

In Salzburg.

Vienna – a tribute to Mozart.

Close up of Mozart’s statue.

Everywhere there were references to Mozart!

I enjoyed listening to music on street corners and in restaurants. I found everything from classical to pop to jazz. I think it is because I had such a great time listening that I failed to shoot very many pictures. It was like the audio overshadowed the visual.

One place I went to that tantalized not only the visual and audio, but also the tactile. It was the Haus der Musik in Austria. This fabulous hands-on museum covered not only the history and sounds of major composers, it taught about the very act of hearing. Various rooms and displays were set up so that you could learn the biology of sound. This is a must see for anyone traveling to Vienna. It is near the famous St. Stephen’s Cathedral.

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One Response to Hudba, Zene, Musik

  1. Freya says:

    I love street musicians as well, brings such a great atmosphere to a city, beautiful pictures!

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