Deutsches Museum in Munich

I love museums. It doesn’t matter to me what kind of museum it is; I just have a love of learning. In Munich there is the German National Museum and it is a must see for anyone like me who loves museums.

The day we went it was raining, the line was very long, and there was construction, but well worth it!

Inside there were many interesting areas from maritime history (including a full size submarine) to science to transportation.

Take that, Smart car!

The many levels let you look at things from above too.

I am an avid astronomy buff, so the entire two level room devoted to the art and science was of particular interest to me.

Telescopes look like artwork.

More telescopes!

There was also a section devoted to the digital age which wouldn’t be complete without a nod to Intel.

I only use computers with Intel chips, including my beloved Apple.

We took time at the museums cafe to rest our feet, enjoy sinfully good hot chocolate, and look out the window at the rain.  Everything was so close by that we walked everywhere, rain or shine.

The rain swollen Isar river behind my red umbrella.

As we were leaving, I was amused to find this exhibit with my homeland’s Grand Canyon:

Memories of home across the globe!

This is a must see destination, if you are ever in Munich. The price was very reasonable and there is also a very large gift shop that can be found online. There are a couple of other sites that are part of the museum, but we didn’t go to them. More information can be found here.

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One Response to Deutsches Museum in Munich

  1. Freya says:

    I have been in Munich twice now but never managed to visit this museum, I definitely will next time!

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