My first stay in a hostel – Mosaic House, Praha, CZ

I was in Prague this past summer and had so many new experiences. It was my first trip to Europe from the U.S. and after hours and hours and more hours of flying from Phoenix to Los Angeles to Heathrow to Prague, I was welcomed with this inviting bed –

Lower bunk in shared dorm.

To be truthful I was a bit afraid to be away from my brother who was traveling with me, so we opted for staying in the same co-ed dorm. It was a little awkward at first to share a room with two young male college students, but it worked out ok. I think they thought of me as that goofy American mom and we learned from each other.

The room was very clean and large enough for two bunk beds; the pillow and mattress were very comfortable. The bathroom was very modern with a glass enclosed shower and modern fixtures –

Sink in shared bathroom.

After leaving the airport, we took a bus to the train and then it was only a short walk to Mosaic House. Here is the entrance –

Mosaic House

Along with the excellent accommodations, there were many other amenities such as free wi-fi, shared computers, a lounge, and a pub which had breakfast in the morning and lots of beer in the evening. The staff was very helpful and nice. In fact, they were so helpful that when I realized I had not taken pictures of the hotel, I emailed them and they sent me all these photos which were taken by Cat Norman. Thanks, Shannon!

They are friendly and have answers to all your questions!

Good times in Belushi's with many large screen TV's and the original pilsner, Pilsner Urquell, brewed in Plzen, Czech.

Before this starts to sound like a commercial for Mosaic House, I wanted to share more of my personal experience. First off, most everyone speaks English, which was very helpful because I’m so horrible with Czech. Also, this is a great place for young people since it’s a hostel and the price will save you money. But it’s also good for older travelers that don’t party, like myself. The bar got noisy at times, but in the room I never had trouble sleeping.

We were able to walk to many places from here because it’s centrally located. It’s near the Vltava River with its Charles Bridge as well as many museums, restaurants and the famous clock tower square.

One word of caution – bring sensible shoes! The cobblestones are very hard on your feet and legs and there is cobblestone everywhere.

Cobblestones - beautiful but hard to walk on!

If you’re looking for lodging in Prague and you’re on a budget, go to this website and learn more about Mosaic House.

I still have lots to tell about my time in Prague, so look for more stories in future blogs.

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