Music on Monday

I can’t believe I forgot to post this yesterday. Well, my blog, my rules, my forgetfulness!

In keeping with the Christmas season, here is another one of my favorites with a slight twist:

You’ve all heard Carol of the Bells before. In fact as you rush from one mall to another, you probably hear it multiple times of day. Did you know that it is a Ukrainian carol? The above link takes you to a the Pavlishyn sisters singing it in native clothing at an event in Washington, DC. The links below are to other versions, some with more twist than others. Enjoy ~

Be of good cheer – Christmas is here!


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One Response to Music on Monday

  1. Really enjoyed this post – thanks for putting all of those in one easy to find place 🙂 Glad to have run across you on TBEX…

    Happy Holidays!
    -Carrie and Ben

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