Total lunar eclipse

I am hoping to see the eclipse tonight, but skies here are cloudy and rain is a possibility. No matter; I will do my best to get outside tonight and try to take pictures.

From time of old total eclipses of either the moon or sun have been seen as having magical, mystical, religious or political connotations. Tonight’s eclipse has the double fascination of falling on the Winter Solstice, which itself holds many mysteries to some people. That they are happening the same night this year has people speculating its significance; but I can tell you that from a scientific standpoint, it is purely coincidental.

Whether you view these events as meaningful beyond what is seen or you just like to view the night sky and see all the wonders God has place there, a total lunar eclipse is a sight to behold. I’m looking forward to it; after all, I can sleep tomorrow night.

I’ll update on what will be very early tomorrow morning. If you get a chance to see it, leave a comment and let me know what you thought. ~Misty

UPDATE:  It was too cloudy to see, at least that’s what I decided at 11:00 pm when I was falling asleep. I’ll leave this post up here just to see, however, if anyone comments on their viewing experience. Have a good Tuesday and look forward to a Wacky Wednesday tomorrow. ~Misty

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