Wacky Wednesday – Vienna

Today’s wackiness comes from Vienna, Austria.

Golden Cabbage?

This is the Secession Building in Karlsplatz, Vienna, Austria. This is wacky enough that the locals call the roof’s gilded leaves the golden cabbage. This art nouveau landmark was designed by painter Gustav Klimt and friends in 1897 as an act of protest against the artistic establishment.

What is really wacky about this photo however, is that it wasn’t until I returned home and sorted my photos that I realize there is a banner hanging at the entrance depicting a long haired, naked man! Or woman? Not sure either way – if you know or have an opinion, leave a comment.

I have also recently learned that this building is depicted on the 50 cent Euro which I have a couple left from my trip. I was too busy spending them to take time to look at them.

50 Euro cent Austria

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One Response to Wacky Wednesday – Vienna

  1. inka says:

    How weird. Great you got that shot though. I couldn’t say if it’s a man or a woman.

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